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A DevOps Culture and Mindset is extremely essential for implementation of DevOps.

  • Devops is a prescription for culture. No cultural movement exists in a vaccum. Social structure and culture are inherently intertwined. DevOps is about finding ways to adapt and innovate social structure, culture and technology together in order to work more effectively.
  • DevOps is a cultural movement that changes how individuals think about their work. Value of Diversity of work done supports intentional processes that accelerate the rate by which the businesses realize value and measures the effect of social and technical change.
  • It is a way of thinking and the way of working that enables individuals and organizations to develop and maintain sustainable work practices.
  • DevOps requires a high degree of collaboration between development teams, testing teams, Operations teams, infrastructure teams etc. Without collaboration it is extremely difficult to think about an end to end DevOps implementation.
  • The heart of DevOps starts with people working not only as groups but as teams with a desire for mutual understanding. This can be described as a Compact that teams will work together, communicate their intentions and the issues that they run into and dynamically adjust in order to work towards their shared organizational goals.
  • The principles of Compact that makes the DevOps environment work are
    • Shared, clearly defined goals
    • Ongoing Communications
    • Dynamic adjustment and repairs of understanding

Thus DevOps cannot work without a specific mindset and a cultural change.