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Product Owner is accountable for maximizing value. The article discusses core competencies a person must develop in order to become a great Product Owner.

The following diagram is created by our Certified Scrum Trainer, Amit Kulkarni based on his knowledge of delivering large products in various banks and financial institutions. This diagram in no way represents the exact view of how a Product Owner may be implemented in various organizations. This diagram is an attempt to visualize the knowledge areas one must focus on while one shapes his/her career in Product Management.

Product Owner Core Competency Framework

The above diagram is divided into three major areas

Must Have Competencies for the Product Owner

These are the necessary knowledge areas for a Product Owner. A product Owner must necessarily know about the product he or she is owning. Which means, the person should know about the Product Lifecycle, Managing Product Strategy Roadmap as well as the Product Backlog .

Should Have Competencies for the Product Owner

The knowledge areas which Product Owner should aspire once the “Must” areas are in place. These competencies deal about specific techniques which will help the Product Owner excel in the Product Management. A successful Product owner should definitely target to acquire many of the competencies and have a plan for where he and she can get help for areas where they do not have expertise them selves.

Could Have Competencies for the Product Owner

These are areas where the Product Owner may have some skills based on the work that the Product Owner has done before he/she has become a Product Owner. We can consider these as icing on the cake once the Product Owner has acquired the “Must” and “Should” categories of the competencies

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