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Agile and Scrum Quizzes

Quizzes based on Agile and Scrum to test your knowledge.

These quizzes are not related to any certification examinations.

Topic wise Quiz – Agile Manifesto

In 2001, 17 representatives of various methods and frameworks met together in Snowbird, Utah and decided 4 values and 12 principles of Agile. This formed the base of a philosophy which is central to various Agile methods and frameworks such as ScrumKanban, Extreme Programming. Following quiz tests your knowledge on the Agile Manifesto.

Topic wise Quiz – Scrum Artifacts

Scrum’s artifacts represent work or value to provide transparency and opportunities for inspection and adaptation. Artifacts defined by Scrum are specifically designed to maximize transparency of key information so that everybody has the same understanding of the artifact. There are 3 Scrum Artifacts – Product BacklogSprint Backlog and Increment. This quiz tests your knowledge on understanding of the three artifacts.

Topic wise Quiz – Scrum Events

Other than the Sprint itself, which is a container for all other events (Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective), each event in Scrum is a formal opportunity to inspect and adapt something. These events are specifically designed to enable critical transparency and inspection.

Topic wise Quiz – Scrum Accountabilities

The Scrum Team consists of a Product Owner, the Developers, and a Scrum Master. Scrum Teams are self-organizing and cross-functional. Self-organizing teams choose how best to accomplish their work, rather than being directed by others outside the team. Cross-functional teams have all competencies needed to accomplish the work without depending on others not part of the team. The team model in Scrum is designed to optimize flexibility, creativity, and productivity. The Scrum Team has proven itself to be increasingly effective for all the earlier stated uses, and any complex work. Scrum Teams deliver products iteratively and incrementally, maximizing opportunities for feedback.

This quiz tests your knowledge on Scrum Roles.

Topic wise Quiz – Product, Product Goal, Sprint Goal, DoD

This quiz tests your knowledge on Product Goal, Sprint Goal, Definition of Done and Product

Topic wise Quiz – Scrum Theory

Scrum is founded on empirical process control theory, or empiricism. Empiricism asserts that knowledge comes from experience and making decisions based on what is known. Scrum employs an iterative, incremental approach to optimize predictability and control risk. Three pillars uphold every implementation of empirical process control: transparency, inspection, and adaptation.

This quiz tests your understanding of the Scrum Theory concepts.

Mock Test on Scrum

This quiz contains questions to test your understanding of Scrum and Agile. The questions are not replicas of any certification exams. They are intended to test your knowledge on Agile and Scrum. We are fairly confident that you should be able to pass any certification exam on Scrum if you score more than 85% in this test. You will however need to consider the time allocated by certification body and extrapolate the time accordingly for this quiz. You should try to complete this quiz in the calculated time limit.


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