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As part of the Introduction to Scaled Agile Framework series, this article will explain how the backlogs scale in SAFe.

The Enterprise Backlog Structure

A hierarchical backlog structure is necessary to manage the work to be done at Scaled world. This mechanism organizes the Enterprise around value delivery at all levels. Depending on the configuration selected, SAFe uses up to 4 backlogs (full SAFe configuration):

  • Portfolio Epics are split into Capabilities or features
  • Capabilities are split into Features
  • Features split into Stories .

Of course, items are not required to originate from a higher-level backlog only. Some items may also arise locally. The items that flow through from the higher backlogs tend to be more long-term and strategic. Diagram below summarizes the backlog structure, primary roles responsible, and duration and scope of various backlog items

How the Backlogs Scale in SAFe 6.0