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Kaizen is a lean management technique and has Japanese roots. Kaizen stands for “To disassemble and put together again in a better way”.

Kaizen focuses on

“Better 80% right today than 100% right tomorrow”

Characteristics of Kaizen

  • Focus on “Small Improvements”
  • Teamwork and empowerment
  • Participation is voluntary but with full commitment
  • Solve the problems at the work place rather than in conference rooms or on excel spreadsheets. In a manufacturing setup – on the shopfloor, in a IT environment at a “Teamplace” or “Workplace”.
  • Resources are dedicated. The team is pulled off their day-to-day jobs. The team is considered as on vacation from their regular responsibilities
  • 3-5 days in duration
  • Implementation should be immediate
  • Management supports the event. That means all necessary teams, departments are made available.

When to use Kaizen

  • Obvious waste or inefficiency is identified
  • Scope of the problem is clear
  • Results are needed immediately
  • Implementation risk is minimal