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What is Cloud Computing?

The need for dedicated infrastructure is going away with cloud. Cloud computing is about using a shared hardware hosted by some provider. The development team is then abstracted from the infrastructure. Infrastructure in the modern days are looked at as

  • Computing Capacity (CPU)
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Storage (Hard Drive)

Cloud computing allows a provider to use the hardware from a provider such as Amazon.

What is AWS?

Cloud services are provided by Amazon and they are called Amazon Web Services (AWS). These services are used by many providers to use infrastructure from a vendor such as Amazon. The services provided are many

AWS Compute and Networking Services

Networking and computing services to deliver core functionality for businesses are provided by AWS compute and networking services.  These compute and networking services can be leveraged with the database, storage and application services to provide solutions to business in a end-to-end way.

AWS Storage and Content Delivery

Amazon S3, Amazon Cloudfront and Amazon Elastic Block Store are some of the useful AWS Storage and Content delivery services.

AWS Database Services

AWS provides Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Dynamo DB – basically any database that a individual might need. On demand database services have reduced the need for dedicated database infrastructure for many vendors.

AWS Application Services

AWS provides a variety of managed services to use with applications such as Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), Simple Email service (SES) etc.

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