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PMP Bootcamp

Already taken 35 contact hour training and did not take the exam yet? Here is your chance to prepare for the PMP® Exam in 4 to 6 weeks?

Have you taken PMP® Examination training and could not pass it yet? You need to hurry up! Do not worry, our TargetPMP Refresher Bootcamp will help you pass it before the exam changes! Yes, the PMBOK® Guide is due to change by next quarter and by early 2018, current PMP® examination will change. Time to pass the PMP® examination is running out!. The new PMBOK® Guide is changing a lot and a lot of new concepts will be introduced in every knowledge area. This obviously means that the changes in examination will be hard hitting. It definitely is good idea to take the examination before it changes thoroughly!! Please do not allow this window to slip by

Our Refresher Bootcamps are designed specially for students like you who have done 35 contact hour training before. The bootcamp is a full revision of ENTIRE PMBOK® Guide  and a packed preparation for the  examination. This PMP bootcamp will help you take the exam in 4 to 6 weeks.

Vaijayantee who regularly mentors students to pass the PMP® examination easily, will be conducting a demo session which will help you understand how to understand the PMBOK® Guide concepts and prepare for the PMP® examination on fast track without memorizing anything! Remember, this is an examination to test your wisdom as a Project Manager! Not an examination that tests how good you are at memorizing!!

PMP Bootcamp Process

  1. Immediately after enrolling for training, we give you access to our  Mind Maps for 180 days.
  2. Major bootcamp focus is the exam. We cover entire PMBoK® Guide and try to solve 100+ exam quality question with analysis. This helps you to keep your focus on the exam. It helps you prepare for the exam easily.
  3. You will also get access to entire recording of the training for 60 days. Entire training with you while you are preparing! Obviously makes your preparation easy, fast and accurate.
  4. We give you a blue-print to prepare. Our exam prep methodology and a tried and tested study plan. Use them to get ready in 6 weeks.
  5. Immediately after the 2-day PMP bootcamp, register for the exam. Prepare as per our plan. Don’t delay. This will give you the best results
  6. Take our simulation exams after discussing the same with us. Our Simulation exams are very like the real ones!
  7. We will analyse your performance in our simulation exams personally to assess your exam readiness for acing the exam. Take the exam only after we give you green signal!