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When a PRINCE2 Project needs to adopt to agile context, tailoring is most important. A PRINCE2 project manager and the project board will need to monitor PRINCE2 recommended behaviours of project management team and the delivery teams. These behaviours are important to function in Agile context efficiently. Below are the PRINCE2 Agile recommended behaviours :

  • Transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Rich communication
  • Self‐organisation
  • Exploration


Transparency behaviour means everyone involved in the work knows the situation and there are no surprises. In Agile ways of working Transparency or openness is very Vital. The more information Clarity is there with in the team, the better this is. Having Transparency helps team to achieve speed, clarity and engagement. The most important driving factor behind this behaviour is the agile values of – honesty, trust, integrity and respect.


Collaboration means engaging with customers and working with them, rather than working for them. Working in silos has it’s own disadvantages. Having a motivated, respectful and collaborate team is better than people who work in Silos. Collaborative teams work together and provide cover for one another.

Collaboration is not always within the project teams but it involves external stakeholders as well. Collaboration with all internal as well as External stakeholders is very important to achieve shared understanding and work towards shared goals and outputs.

Rich communication

As agile way of working, mostly practiced using scrums is very fast paced. In such situations adopting to most effective way to communicate is very important. In Agile context the most effective way to communicate is face- to‐ face and/or visual communication as they are numerous times faster. 

Face- to‐ face and/or visual communication is considered to be a rich communication. Project environment should be tailored to encourage Rich Communication where team can pass information freely in a culture of commitment and trust. Documentation is still important, but by using visual communication methods prove to be more effective.


Self-organisation behaviour includes how team and team members work and behave with each other. The people who work together closely mostly know best how to get the job done. Hence people should be trusted and given liberty to work on their own. If they creates a plan, they own it and work towards achieving the plan. Self‐organising creates mutual respect with in the team. In PRINCE2 context a project manager can create trust environment by allowing team manager to focus on product delivery.


Projects are unique risky and challenging, and that is why experimentation is important in order to create ‘the right thing’ which a customer needs. Frequent Releases and quick feedback loops provide an opportunity to learn and adopt for Team. Learning helps to improve the products.