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What is PRINCE2®?

PRINCE2® is a globally recognized Project Management method developed by the Cabinet Office UK.
PRINCE2®’s stands for Projects in Controlled Environment.
PRINCE2® is a flexible Project management method that guides you through the essentials for managing successful projects, regardless of it’s scale & type.
It is built upon seven principles, themes and processes. PRINCE2® can be tailored to meet your project’s varied or specific requirements.

7 Principles. Principles are Guiding principals or best practices in the industry.
7 Themes. Themes are essentially areas or aspects of project that needs to be addressed continuously such as Business Justification, Team or Organization Structures, Quality Methodology etc
7 Processes. Processes are end to end way of executing things

What is unique about PRINCE2®?

Eligibility criteria – No need to satisfy any eligibility Criteria to give exam. With PRINCE2®’s Foundation and Practitioner level, you learn and become Project Management Practitioners.

Two Levels of certifications – PRINCE2®’s Foundation and Practitioner Project Management level gives you flexibility to learn PRINCE2® concepts and apply them in practice.

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