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PRINCE2 (Projects in a Controlled Environment) is a structured project management method based on experience drawn from thousands of projects – and from the contributions of thousands of project sponsors, Project Managers, project teams, academics, trainers and consultants.

The PRINCE2 method addresses project management using four integrated elements

·         The Principles: These are the guidelines or good practices which determine whether the project is genuinely being managed using PRINCE2 method.

·         The Themes: These describe aspects of project management that must be addressed continuously throughout the project life cycle.

·         The Processes : These describe a step-wise progression through the project life cycle, from Starting a Project to project closure.

·         The Tailoring : Project Environment in which the project are executed, Organizations often want this environment to be customized to suit the needs of organisation and project. This can be achieved by tailoring PRINCE2 to create their own project management method. This new tailored method is then embedded into the organizations way of working.

Let’s look at the Theme in more detail. There are 7 themes advocated by PRINCE2.

Business Case – The project starts with an idea which is considered to provide value for the organization. This theme tries to check if the idea can be developed into a viable investment proposition for the organization. Also to check and judge whether the project is (and remains) desirable, viable and achievable the organization’s objectives throughout the project.

Organization – The organization theme tries to set structure of accountability and responsibilities with respect to PRINCE2 Project Organisation. This theme describes the roles and responsibilities of 3 Management Level – Directing, Managing, Delivery to manage the project effectively

Quality – The theme tried to implement means by which project can check or verify the products which are built are fit for purpose. This theme explains how and high level product outline is developed further to understand the quality attributes of the products required to be delivered.

Plans – The theme tries to define means to facilitate communication and control. This theme describes the steps required to develop plans for different project organization levels and PRINCE2 techniques that can be applied for the same.

Risk – PRINCE2 defines Risk as uncertain event or set of events. Risk theme tries to explain how to identify, assess and control uncertainty associated with Project and as a result, improve the ability of the project to succeed with PRINCE2 method as a guide.

Change – Changes are described as Issues (general problems or concerns, requests for change or quality failures) in PRINCE2. Change theme describes how PRINCE2 project management method can be used to assesses and acts upon issues which can have impact on any of the baseline aspects of the project.

Progress – This theme tries to check the ongoing viability of the plans or project by comparing actual achievements against those planned. The theme explains who will be decision-makers for approving plans & Monitoring them. Also the escalation process if events do not go according to baseline plan.