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One of the Mandatory PRINCE2 principles is “Tailor to suit project Environment”.  So what do you mean by “Tailoring“?

Tailoring means Adapting a method or process to suit the situation in which it will be used. 

Generally the PRINCE2 project tailoring is where by Organizations adopt PRINCE2 by tailoring it to their needs, often creating their own PRINCE2-based method and then embedding its use within their working practices. So that your project will have an appropriate level of governance and control which does not overburden the project management team.

The general Guidelines on Tailoring a PRINCE2 project is provided in PRINCE2 Manual “Managing Successful Project using PRINCE2”. Read below the summary of the same.

Tailoring PRINCE2 to suit different projects

Before we start please remember that “PRINCE2’s principles should not be tailored as they are universal and always apply” 

Also tailoring does not mean “excluding any of PRINCE2’s processes or themes”

  • What can be tailored?
  1. Processes may be combined or adapted (e.g. by adding or combining activities).
  2. Themes can be applied using techniques that are appropriate to the project.
  3. Roles may be combined or split, provided that accountability is maintained and there are no conflicts of interest. 
  4. Management products may be combined or split into any number of documents or data sources. 
  5. Terminology may be changed to suit other standards or policies, provided it is applied consistently.
  • Who is responsible and where is tailoring documented?

The project manager or Management level is responsible for identifying and documenting the level of tailoring required for the project and is approved by the project board. Both the project board and the project manager may be advised on the level of Tailoring by project assurance, project support roles or a center of excellence

  • Remember – Tailoring is constrained and influenced by context

Tailoring may need to take into account policies, laws, rules, standards or regulations from within or outside the organization, including those relating to health, safety, sustainability and environment. 

The Nature of the project also can have an influence on how we tailor the project. Like Government driven, Compliance projects.

Similarly the context of the project Like is it part of Program or Portfolio? can have an influence on tailoring.

To summarize as a PRINCE2 practitioner you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of tailoring

for the specific project  and it’s circumstances. In which you should ensure that 

1. Tailoring complies with all the PRINCE2 principles 

2. Any corporate standards or policy adherence or tailoring should be analyzed.

3. Tailoring does not pose a risk of failing to meet the project’s objectives.