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Toyota developed the Toyota production system (TPS). TPS borrowed ideas from ford but developed the just in time philosophy (JIT) pull concept to address the issues or high cost associated with fords large inventories. The Toyota production system in an integrated system, that comprises of its management philosophy and practices.


  • Base your management decisions on a long-term philosophy, even at the expense of short-term financial goals.


  • Create a process flow to surface problems
  • Use pull out systems to avoid overproduction
  • Level out the workload(Heijunka)
  • Stop when there is a quality problem (Jidoka)
  • Standardized tasks for continuous improvement
  • Use visual control so no problems are hidden
  • Use only reliable, thoroughly tested technology

People & partners

  • Create leaders who live the philosophy
  • Respect develop and challenge your people and teams
  • Respect challenges and help the supplier

Problem solving

  • Go see for yourself to thoroughly understand the situation
  • Make decision slowly by consensus, thoroughly considering all options : implement decisions rapidly.
  • Become a learning organization through relentless reflection (hence) and continuous)

House of quality

Toyota visualized its values, principals way of working and the ,most important tools in the Toyota house of quality, the roof of the house expresses the goals of the organization (best quality -lowest cost-shortest lead time-best safely- high morale). The foundation of the house addresses the principles, followed by number conditions that are always needed. Here you can find standardized work and visual management. There are two pillars. The first pillar is called Jidoka and is about building in quality thaw second pillar is called Just In Time and inclines a number of logistical principles and tools. In the centre of the house you will find the continuous effort of improving the organization.

Toyota Production System