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Scrum Events are mandatory opportunities given by Scrum to Inspect and Adapt. The reason they are mandatory is that Scrum is a inspect-adapt way of solving complex adaptive problems. If we do not use the minimum opportunities then a fundamental aspect of Scrum is compromised. These events are specifically designed to enable critical transparency and inspection. Failure to include any of these events results in reduced transparency and is a lost opportunity to inspect and adapt.

Scrum Events create regularity and minimize the need for meetings not defined in Scrum. All events are time-boxed events, such that every event has a maximum duration. Once a Sprint begins, its duration is fixed and cannot be shortened or lengthened. The remaining events may end whenever the purpose of the event is achieved, ensuring an appropriate amount of time is spent without allowing waste in the process.

There are 5 Events in Scrum

Following is the summarization of all events

Scrum Events
TIMEBOX1 Month or Less8 Hours max for one month sprint. For shorter sprint, this event is usually shorter15 minutes maximum regardless of the length of the sprint4 Hours max for one month sprint. For shorter sprints, this event is usually shorter3 Hours max for one month sprint. For shorter sprints, this event is usually shorter
WHO ATTENDSThis is a container event and Scrum team performs the work during the SprintScrum TeamDevelopersScrum Team and StakeholdersScrum Team
OPTIONAL ATTENDANCEAny one involved with the product may help the Scrum team to improve the product and the effectivenessAnyone invited by Scrum Team. Usually SMEs from business or technical side.Ideally no one But Developers may Invite.Anyone invited by scrum TeamSTRICTLY no one else other than the Scrum Team
PURPOSEBuild an increment, keep evolving the Sprint Backlog as more is known, refine the product backlog by taking feedback continuously from Product Owner and StakeholdersInitiate the Sprint by laying out the work to be performed for the Sprint. This involves preparing a Sprint Goal, forecasting items to be done this sprint and a plan to go with it.Inspect progress towards the Sprint goal, plan next 24 to 48 hours which involves adapting the Sprint Backlog if necessaryInspect the increment and adapt the product backlogPlan ways to increase quality and effectiveness. The Scrum Team inspects how the last Sprint went with regards to individuals, interactions, processes, tools, and their Definition of Done.
INPUT -Product backlog, Increment, Velocity (Past Performance), Capacity Available, Improvements identified in the retrospective, Definition of DoneSprint Goal, Sprint Backlog, Work done over the last 24 hoursProduct Increment, Progress towards the Product Goal, Market place conditionsIndividuals, interaction, process, tools, definition of done
OUTPUTProduct IncrementSprint BacklogUpdated Sprint BacklogUpdated Product BacklogImprovements identified, Adapted DOD
Role of Developers in this eventBuild the incrementCreate Sprint Forecast and PlanUpdate Sprint BacklogHelp the PO take feedback from the stakeholders. Collaborate with stakeholders to better understand the future requirements.Collaborate to identify Improvements
Role of Product Owner in this eventManage Product Backlog, ensuring requirements are understood by Developers, providing feedback on a day to day basis, clarifying if requiredCollaborate with the DeveloperNone. May be invited by Developers to attend to clarify doubts.Collaborate with Stakeholders, update the product backlog for next sprints, understand market place conditions and take decisions on what needs to be done, making release plansCollaborate to identify Improvements
Role of Scrum Master in this eventScrum is enacted properly. Guide, Mentor, Coach Scrum Team. Facilitate Scrum Events.Facilitation which involves ensuring the meeting happens, Timbox is respected, Every one understands the purpose, Meeting is positiveFacilitation if required which involves observing and seeing if Developers are adjusting their Sprint Backlog and planning the next 24-48 hours.Facilitation which involves meeting happens, Timebox is respected, Every one understands the purpose, Meeting is positive and productiveFacilitate the event, Coach the Scrum Team by sharing observations, Collaborate to identify Improvements, Ensuring that this meeting does not become a blame-assignment forum