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When adopting PRINCE2 for any organisation following considerations have to be kept in mind. While embedding, PRINCE2 has to be tailored for the organisation.

  • Changing the way people work: To gain stakeholders support, change management approaches should not just involve training, but may also include coaching, mentoring, stakeholder engagement, marketing and communications activities to embed a real understanding of the need for the change and the resulting benefits. Change is as much about managing people’s expectations and perceptions as managing facts.
  • Design of future state: The design of future state of a project management method should reflect the vision for how project management will work after the method is embedded.
  • Ensuring consistency across all impacted parts of the organisation
  • Big Bang vs Incremental approach: In big bang the project management method and its supporting elements are activated for use on the same day. Such an approach may be suitable in a small organisation. In an incremental approach early benefits can be realised ad the amount of change users have to cope with at any one time reduced. Incremental approach enables roll out  to be progressive.
  • Track progress of the change: Whichever approach is taken, it is helpful to track the progress of the change effort during deployment and in the early operational period. Many change management techniques include change-tracking approaches. Maturity modes can be used to assess progress.
  • Building and sustaining maturity: If practitioners don’t continue to use a project management method after the initial deployment, the effort and the cost of creating it would be wasted. A method needs ongoing active management if it is to benefit the business and help too continually improve business performance.