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Why do Your SAFe Training With World Of Agile?


Why you should do SAFe Training With World Of Agile ? This will be the focus of this page. Just to summarize the key reasons to choose world of Agile as your training provider are as below

  1. Faculty with deep experience in Scaled way of Agile
  2. Mock exams that are like real life exams
  3. Interactive Training mechanism that is designed to aid Adult Way Of Learning
  4. Pre Class Training Material
  5. Life long hand holding

Faculty with Real Life Experience

Snehamayee is our Faculty for this course. She is our inhouse Scrum and Agile Expert. Snehamayee is a SAFe®, Program Consultant (SPC®,) from ScaledAgile®,

1. Snehamayee has 22+ years of professional experience. This experience includes 9+ years as Agile Trainer &Coach. She has worked to implement multiple large scale distributed agile transformations spanning countries. She has managed large programs for customers across domains like BFSI, Manufacturing, Aero, Telco

2. As a trainer, Snehamayee has conducted more than 100+ workshops on Agile. Snehamayee has a way of focusing on learning rather than merely helping students to get the certificate of SAFe Agilist or Leading SAFe

Please read more about Snehamayee at https://worldofagile.com/faculty-profiles/snehamayee/

Her LinkedIn Profile also highlights her credentials https://www.linkedin.com/in/snehamayee-kulkarni-91a7412/

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Access to Ample Practice questions

As World Of Agile Students, you will get access to two Mock exams. These exams validate your understanding of concepts so that you get your SAFe Agilist®, Credential in one attempt. These mock exams are conducted online. The format is very similar to real life exam.

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Practical Handbook for Enterprise Agile

As World Of Agile students, you will get a hard copy of “World of Agile Scaling” book. This is a 150 + page Scaled Agile book compiled by Snehamayee. It chronicles her experience in running large scale Agile programs and Enterprise Agile Transformations so that the students benefit from her real life experience. This book will help students to start their journey as SAFe Agilist.

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Interactive Training Mechanism

1Snehamayee uses a minimal PPT approach – Snehamayee uses PowerPoint only to show some pictures to make a point visually. Instead, she uses charts to illustrate concepts in a class

2. Snehamayee discusses real life scenarios to explain how Agile and Scrum help –These scenarios help participants see how Scrum and ScaledAgile can be adopted for their work

3.Some of teaching techniques Snehamayee uses in her class are

  • Gentle but probing questions that make participants think
  • Self-Reflection – Personal experience sharing in class to explain how Scrum Works
  • Powerful metaphors /analogies to help students retain the knowledge

4.Snehamayee has designed the training with multiple activities. This helps participants with different learning styles to grasp the concepts. Some of the activities Snehamayee uses are

  • Fact based exercises
  • Hands on case study approach.
  • Group Discussions
  • Reverse Teaching – where participants explain a concept. This helps to clarify confusions if any

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Pre-Class Reading Material

you will get access to a pre reading material. This material will help you to prepare quickly for the exam since the material will go over some basic Agile and Scrum concepts along with introduction to SAFe®, Terminology

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Lifelong Handholding when you do SAFe Training With World Of Agile

At World Of Agile, we are committed to supporting our students throughout their journey and stay in touch with them till they acquire the credential and even beyond

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