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Within the Scrum Team the Product Owner and the Developers often have different focus and different perceptions on what do they mean by value or how to improve the effectiveness of their own work and that of the entire Scrum Team.

This means Developers and product on us need different set of metrics in order to be really effective and efficient.  A common anti pattern often seen in Scrum is to have a metrics framework that is generic and not tailored for the individual accountabilities. In my experience it is worthwhile to spend time and energy into deciding specific metrics for both these accountabilities.

Each team needs to define Metrics that help them inspect and adapt. Below I have given some metrics Product Owner as well as Developers can use

Measuring Value –

A Product Owner is tasked with maximizing value of the product and the most important metric from a Product Owners’ perspective will be those which has centred around the net value or the end value delivered to the final customer. Developers. on the other hand will see value of their work reflected into the quality of outcomes that they have achieved.

The table below shows some sample Metrics that can help the Product Owner and Developers measure “value”

Table 1 Scrum Metrics Around Value

PerspectiveSome Metrics
Product OwnerRevenueFeature UsageReduction in ComplaintsIncrease in CSI…..NPS
DevelopersDefects Leaked Prod/UATFirst Time Pass Rate Tech debt

Measuring Frequency –

Agile manifesto states the importance of delivering value early and in a continuous or frequent manner. 

To measure the frequency, a Product Owner will like to measure the frequency at which the Scrum Team is able to put the features or the work into hands of end user. However, Developers will want to measure the frequency at which they are able to turn out usable and useful increments. 

The table below shows some sample Metrics that can help the Product Owner and Developers measure “Frequency”

Table 2 Scrum Metrics Around Frequency

PerspectiveSome Metrics
Product OwnerLead TimeRelease Frequency
DevelopersVelocitySprint Duration

Measuring Day to Day Work

The Product Owner plays a critical role in order for the Scrum Team to be efficient and effective. Product Owner has to support the Developers and work as an integral part of the Scrum Team so that the increment created is of best possible value. Developers will want to ensure how they work together collaboratively and support each other while creating the increment. 

The table below shows some sample Metrics that can help the Product Owner and Developers measure “Day to Day effectiveness”

Table 3 Scrum Metrics Around Working Effeicently

PerspectiveSome Metrics
Product Owner# Of Times PBI (Story)need to be re-negotiated or acceptance criterion updated How many times Product Owner has seen a feature before Review
DevelopersWork prediction– burnup, burn down, WIP, CFDPlanning Quality – Estimations, sprint planning value (# of tasks identified Vs Time spent)Operational Excellence – Broken Builds, automation %, test coverage, code qualitySelf-Management Index – how many tasks they needed outside help Cross Functionality – “T Index”

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