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 CSM® Certification Exam Instructions

 About CSM® Certification Exam 

  • 1 hour and 50 questions. 37 to pass. TWO attempts are included.
  • Simple concept questions. Very few case-based questions.
  • There is only one question type. Each question has 4 options, one correct answer.
  • There is no negative marking.
  • What if you get disconnected:
    • You can resume the exam on the same device or any other device.
    • However, your timer will go on.
    • You will resume at the same question where you got disconnected.

 What you need to do?

  1. Towards the end of the training, World of Agile Coordinator will send participant a registration form to fill. Participants are required to fill his or her details (First Name, Last Name and Email Address) in the form.
  2. At the end of the workshop trainer will send participants exam registration link  on the email address filled up in the registration form above(Step 1).
  3. If participant already holds a Scrum Alliance (www.scrumalliance.org) certification, then please ensure that email address that is there on participants Scrum Alliance profile is used for registration. Else the system will create a new profile with the email id given.
  4. Participants USER ID will be mentioned in the mail that they get from Scrum Alliance (AFTER THE TRAINING ENDS). Generally the user id will be first character of participants First name, Last name and Numerical digits. For example Amit Kulkarni’s id could be akulkarni99
  5. Participant now needs to Initialize their account by clicking on “Initialize account” link. Do not use the “Reset Password” link if participant does not have an account already with Scrum Alliance
  6. Participant are advised to please note down their user id and password somewhere.
  7. Now participants will get to the profile page upon login to scrumalliance.org. Correct your profile if required. Answer only the compulsory questions.
  8. Participants are advised NOT to USE  the AUTO-FILL feature of Google Chrome as it may accidently fill up someone else’s name linked to their profile on their local machine.
  9. Accept the agreement which is nothing but a NDA. A big blue button is enabled.
  10. Now you are ready for the test.

To get confidence, please solve our available quizzes. Please note that these quizzes are just for practice and NONE of the questions will appear as-is in CSM Exam.  Click here to solve Quizzes


How to Maintain your CSM® certification

CSM® certification is valid for a period of two years. You can maintain your certification through renewal cycle.

Read more about it here : Maintain your Certification