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Classroom Training


Our Classroom Training on Scrum, DevOps, PMP, Agile 

We offer Classroom Training on industry recognized certifications like CSM, CSPO, DevOps, PMP, Agile 

CSM Training Schedule (Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata)

  • Accredited /Certified Trainers with 20+ Years of Industry Experience. All our faculty profiles are displayed transparently on our website.
  • Faculty name is clearly displayed for each training course. Our Faculty for training does not change – unless there is a health emergency.
  • This requires expert facilitators. Our facilitators – Amit Kulkarni, Snehamayee, Archana Shinde are industry experts. They have been practitioners first and now are trainers after 15-20 years of experience in the industry
  • Powerpoint is kept to 20% of total time. Our emphasis is on engagement and discussions with participants to help them “learn” the topics such as Agile, Scrum or DevOps
  • The techniques, charts, simulations, participant engagement, games, discussions, story-telling, metaphor, real life examples, analogies are described in the document below. Many of the techniques used are derived from Training from the Back of the room techniques.
  • Balanced Approach between acquiring subject knowledge as well as preparing for examinations
  • You get what you see- you can directly interact with our trainers before paying the fees
  • Our Trainers will act as your mentors till you pass the exam – we do not part our ways when the training is finished
  • Guarantee that classes will run – we have NEVER postponed/cancelled a batch
  • Transparent Operations – We Charge No Extra Fees Than Mentioned upfront
  • Transparent Operations – We Declare the location upfront
  • Easy To Use , exam focused study material which helps in preparing for the exam
  • Predefined and proven study plan which will guide you in methodical step by step process
  • Follow Our Study Plan. We will help you prepare for the exam.

Charts and Simulations during our Agile Classroom Training

Games during Agile and DevOps Certification Classroom Training

We use gaming technique to cover various concepts of Agile and DevOps. One of the game used is the Poker Coins Game and the Marshmallow game during the devops and scrum classroom training. During the devops classroom training, he uses the Marshmallow game to explain the importance of invisible problems such as security, infrastructure which may hold up the delivery. In the scrum classroom training, he uses the marshmallow game to explain the importance of incremental delivery, product backlog and sprint backlog.

Story Telling Techniques during Agile and DevOps Classroom Training Program

We use a lot of story telling and analogy techniques to explain concepts. For e.g. Amit uses the analogy of building a house using scrum and explains the scrum lifecycle effectively in his scrum training.