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Practical Scrum Master Interview Questions

In this article, we will discuss the “Practical Scrum Master Interview Questions”… Agile is everywhere and Scrum Master Skills are in demand! Its pouring interviews for Scrum Masters… Often the interview starts with basic questions. Read on here to crack the Basic Scrum Master Questions. But landing that sweet job takes more than being able to answer simple straight forward questions that ask about how the Scrum and Scrum Theory work. These days interviewers are asking questions that test your real-life experience.

The interviewers are trying to find out how you can help them solve their real life problems . Therefore, as a candidate you need to give them the confidence that you are the person who can help them to solve their problems. Read on to find some common questions that are asked. Not only the questions but we have also given some tips below that will help you to answer the questions.

Some of the Practical Scrum Master Interview Questions we want to tackle here, are..

  1. How do you handle changes? – Agile Welcomes changes even late in development cycle. But the question remains, how do handle these changes so that we still are able to deliver in a predictable cadence while still respecting the changes.
  2. How do you choose a Sprint length or Sprint Duration – There are many misconceptions around how do you choose a Sprint length. This article will help you design Sprint duration for your Scrum Team
  3. How do you help teams to be Self-Managed and/or Cross Functional
  4. What are some of the myths around Scrum And Agile you find rampant in industry?
  5. How do you work on estimations and capacity planning
  6. Have you ever felt need to coach Product Owners? In other words, “What are some of the areas where Product Owners may need coaching?”
  7. How do you use metrics in Agile Programs to measure the effectiveness of a Scrum Team and identify areas for improvement?
  8. What are some of the ways to convince the Product Owners to include items that deal with Technical Debt
  9. Have you worked with distributed teams? What are some of the challenges and how do you handle them?
  10. How do you work with multiple teams working on Same Product, What are some of the challenges and how do you handle them?
  11. Do you know any scaling frameworks? Give an overview of few scaling frameworks prevalent in industry

And many more. Keep on coming back here … we have many more Practical Scrum Master Interview Questions that we plan to add on to this list…. If you have any questions you want us to address, do reach out to us and we will do our best to include those questions