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Virtual Classroom Training

Agile and DevOps Virtual Classroom Training

  • Virtual Classroom Training conducted over the internet is called a Virtual Classroom Training. Here the faculty is there training you, however, the faculty is on the web-conference.
  • We conduct DevOps virtual classroom training and Agile virtual classroom over the internet.
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Our intention is that you get a similar experience in a virtual classroom to what you get when you attend the Classroom Training.
  • Even if you are virtual, you get all facilities which are given to our classroom training students, which include
    • Hard copy books delivered by courier to your door-step
    • Access to faculty on phone or in person (if you wish to walk into our office in Mumbai or Pune)
    • Online content if applicable
    • Case studies and exam questions solved over the internet
  • Attend our FREE virtual training session first, get convinced and then pay

DevOps Virtual Classroom Demo

Amit is a specialist on the Virtual Classroom. See how he used online game to drive concepts in a live DevOps Virtual Training class.

Faculty Support after the Virtual Classroom Training

Our differentiator is to provide faculty support even after the Agile/DevOps Virtual Classroom Training. You are free to speak to the faculty Mr. Amit Kulkarni even after the training. He will help you with guidance related to actual implementation of DevOps and Agile in your real life.

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